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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fatherly advice

I heard something today that hit me like a frying pan. It was from a father to his daughter, and he said:
"Pay attention to what a man does. Not what he says."
I shudder to think how much time this would have saved me if I'd heard it 10 years ago. So since the only 3 people who actually read my blog have daughters, maybe you could pass this along to your little ones.


Blogger Voss Family said...

I like that advice!

11:22 AM

Blogger Brown Berry said...

Passed along! (And mentally noted)

6:25 PM

Blogger joel said...

Do not pay attention to what the man responding to your blog has to say. If you pay attention to what I do you'll be bored. BTW at least four people read your blog.

5:01 AM

Blogger Voss Family said...

Can you post a pic of that avacado plant! I've memorized the Fatherly Advice post now!

10:31 AM


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