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Saturday, October 29, 2005

what happened in the stairway?

Well, it wasn't exactly what happened "IN" the stairway, as much as what was happening outside while I was crouching and huddling in the staiway. Hurricane Wilma is what happened! It's really difficult to describe what it's like to hide in your house while hearing your roof being torn apart right above your head. And you can't "SEE" what's happening because if you're lucky you have hurricane shutters that block the view through the windows. So I won't even try to describe it. We'll just say it was awful and leave it at that.

The hurricane hit on a Monday, and the previous Friday I had gotten laid off. So I was huddled in the stairway that Monday, listening to the house coming apart, and I was thinking "Lost my job on Friday, catastrophic hurricane someone trying to tell me something?" If so, God won't win any awards for subtelty. That was the moment when I had my Revelation in the Stairway. I told myself that if I got out of this mess alive, I would hightail it out of Florida and never look back. So 4 months later, my roof has been repaired, a garage sale is in the works, house is going on the market, and I'm shoving off to Utah!